Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Is Me... I Have Schizotypal Personality Disorder

by CasperAdair

Experience Project
This Is Me... 
I have schizophrenia.
I discovered this about a year ago.
It scared me. It terrifies me to this day.
It sucks. Not knowing if something is real, if a feeling is truly yours.
A while ago, I was convinced my parents could read everything I was thinking. I am still convinced now, but people tell me they can't. How hard I try to believe them. But something in my head tells me they can and do and I argue with it trying to change my mind and fail every time. 
I know they can't. But again, I cannot be too sure of that. 
I have this thing, when I talk to people I literally get light headed and come close to passing out. (Trying to get over that.. time to grow up)
A man told me to kill myself and get it over with. I came so close. Until I discovered this man did not exist.

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