Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dylan's Panic Disorder

By Teen Mental Health

Gain a better understanding of panic disorder by sharing in Dylan's story.


A body’s natural response to potential danger is the fight or flight response. This brain response occurs immediately upon perception of danger and activates many brain areas designed to protect you from danger.  As part of this response, the brain orchestrates the release of adrenaline and other hormones throughout your body, so you can respond to the threat.   This protective mechanism  is called the fight or flight response and the emotional and physical components are know as panic.

Sometimes, panic can occur "out of the blue", when there is no danger. This is clearly not useful, and can cause significant problems for the person who experiences the panic.  If a person experiences many panic attacks they often begin to worry in anticipation of having an attack.  Sometimes this worry becomes so strong that they avoid going to places where a panic attack might happen. For some people this may lead to agoraphobia or severe limitations to where they feel comfortable going (such as: school; the mall; driving on the highway; etc.).

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