Monday, March 10, 2014

Real-life stories: Two teenage girls reveal the epidemic of cutting amongst their peers, and why celebrities are exacerbating the problem


CELEBZTER~For many of us, cutting hasn’t always been on the mainstream radar. It was something that was keep hidden– taboo, if you will. 

But in recent years, cutting amongst teens is on the rise. In fact, recent studies claim that 1 out of 5 teens hurt themselves. It includes: cutting 72%; self-hitting 30%; hair-pulling,22%; bone breaking 10% and burning 5%. The figure is shocking and could just be dismissed as a random science study.  But unfortunately, that is not the case.

photos via Celebtzer.Com

Yona Levin and Arielle Firestone (pictured left) are both 15. They have spoken to us about the rise and rise of young teens that they know currently cutting themselves, which in some ways, they say, has been a direct result of how young stars in Hollywood behave. They spoke out in an effort to educate other teenagers out there– that cutting to be cool, is not cool.
According to the girls, cutting is becoming so prevalent, that (just like the recent findings) they personally know 1 in 5 of their friends who are doing it, or who have tried it at some point in time.
“Before, people were depressed and didn’t know how to cope with it, but now celebrities walk around almost publicizing it, it makes it a new fad,” explains Arielle.
“When I was in 5th or 6th grade I heard about people doing it,” she says. “Now, I personally know kids who have cut themselves.”
Yona adds that it’s become so commonplace amongst teens that everyone knows someone who is doing it.
“Everyone has a friend who has done it or is doing it,” she says. “It’s now not abnormal to know someone who is cutting themselves.”
The pair both say that teens lack of role models isn’t helping the cause either.

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