Sunday, January 27, 2013

How To Talk To Your Kids About Teenage Binge Drinking (From An Ex-Teen Binge Drinker)

For some parents, it’s difficult to talk to their kids about drinking. For others, the thought of their children even picking up a wine cooler or shot glass that they didn’t get permission to drink is unthinkable, so they don’t even bother. Unfortunately, teenage binge drinking, particularly among females, is on the rise and without some interference, it’ll continue to go up.
As a teenager, I drank once in a long while. But like many teens, I saw each rare opportunity as a time to “live it up” and experience high school the way my peers and I thought we were supposed to — via partying. When you’re doing extra-curricular activities, trying to get good grades, constantly worried about college, probably have a parttime job of some sort and still have the high school social life to contend with, the pressure can lead to a lot of kids trying to release tension in an unhealthy way by drinking too much.
Considering the CDC says that 13 percent of American women go on three or more drinking binges per month and a full 20 percent of high school girls do the same, there’s a need to talk to your kids about the issue. While my friends and I were lucky to never have gotten into any serious trouble apart from with our parents, there are so many kids who find themselves in dangerous situations or are affected by the poor decisions of others.
It’s imperative to discuss teenage binge drinking with your kids, whether it’s uncomfortable and difficult or not. Here are some tips I have to offer any parents looking to get through to their kids from the perspective of somebody who was in their daughters’ position not too long ago.

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