Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mom of teen warns of Spice dangers

One day after an Indianapolis teen was hospitalized after convulsing on Spice , a Martinsville mother broke her silence about her own daughter who was rushed to the same hospital this summer after smoking the drug.

What make this mom's story different she works in a hospital and sees the effects, but never realized her daughter would use the drug.
Carol Bare met  news anchor Daniel Miller outside Methodist Hospital Wednesday where she works as a Unit Secretary. She wanted to tell her story after hearing about an Indianapolis grandmother who confronted a gas station attendant Tuesday who she said sold her granddaughter spice.
"There are people out there; they know that these are children that are buying one seems to know that much about it and they don't seem to care that children are dying from this," Bare said.
Bare said she's seen first-hand the effects of what Spice can do to kids.
"I've seen a lot of kids come in who have smoked it and have had long term problems because of it," she said.
But over the summer, it hit close to home when her 13-year-old daughter was rushed to the hospital after smoking Spice.
According to Bare, on July 12, Martinsville medical personnel responded to Jimmy Nash Park where they found her daughter in distress on top of a hill. Medics rushed the girl to IU Health Morgan Hospital. 
According to her patient report she smoked the synthetic marijuana ("Spice") and later felt strange. 
"I have one child; I was just so frightened that I could lose her that quickly," said Bare.
She was in the hospital for several hours to be treated.
And just like Mychael Banks Tuesday, Bare's daughter got the Spice from a gas station convenience store.
"It was a 13-year-old boy who purchased it and they had smoked it together and almost immediately she started convulsing," she said.
Bare said the drug is a problem that's getting out of hand.
"My daughter is a very good kid; she’s an honor student...very bright," Bare said, "I think it's just peer pressure; the other kids had it and heard from other kids that Spice was no big deal."
Bare admitted her daughter into a drug program for recovery and said she's doing better.
The Morgan County Prosecutor is investigating the case to determine if any charges will be filed. 

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