Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Don't Conceal, Please Feel, Let It Show


Huffington Post ~ If you aren't familiar with the popular hit Disney film, Frozen, not only have you missed out on a cinematic masterpiece, but you have not experienced the negative consequences that come with concealing your feelings.

Earlier this week on my personal blog, I admitted that I have been having a bit of a personality crisis. My usual chirpy demeanor has been overtaken by a bit of a funk, and I am on a quest to bring happy back!
The choice to share my current crisis with others was one I battled with for a bit. While the actual post was only written a day before I published it, the ongoing war between sharing my secret or not was one that I had been having for weeks. And it wasn't until I told myself that it was going to fine showing weakness that I actually put my feelings into words. Now, back to Frozen...
In the film, sisters Elsa and Anna are very close until Elsa's magical ice powers (Yeah, she produces ice from her hands. It's awesome.) causes Anna to be hurt and have magic removed from her brain permanently. Elsa, in an effort to keep her sister safe, is told to "Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show" when it comes to her magical powers, keeping her fears as her powers grew stronger to herself. And it isn't until she runs up to the North Mountain that she is actually able to be free about the things happening to her. Now, back to me...
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